Gears are used for transmitting power from one part of a machine to another

Gearbox is a mechanical device used for torque increase/decrease via speed reduction/increase. It consists of two or more gears with one of the gears driven by the motor, The output speed of the gear box will be inversely proportional to gear ratio, Gear Boxes are typically preferred in constant speed application like conveyors and cranes where it can provide increase in torque

Gearbox consists of a driving gear with a certain diameter coupled to the driving mechanism (electric motor, wind turbine, diesel engine etc.) linked to another gear of smaller (if the driven mechanism will have a higher speed than the driving one) or larger diameter (if the speed of the driven mechanism should be smaller than that of the driving one) coupled to a driven mechanical load


Fans in thermal power plants

fan can be considered a mechanical device that moves a volume of fluid such as air, gas, or vapor through a pressure driven flow

Large capacity fan units typically consist of a bladed, rotating impeller enclosed in a stationary casing.o The rotor system causes the motion of the air/gas and the casing directs the output flow.o The rotor can be powered through a driver such as a motor, a turbine driver, or a fluid-driver.


spare parts

Timely access to spare parts is essential for maintenance and plant availability - both bind working capital

Encotec manages spare parts through specific part depots and other programs in order to minimize capital investment and maximize systems utilization. Encotec offers high quality spares for power plants having Chinese equipment to enhance equipment uptime. They reduce the risk of parts failure leading to plant downtime and losses. Through many years in operation, maintenance, E&C, R&M and repair of power plants, Encotec has gained extensive experience as regards long-term estimation of spare parts consumption.


Steel pipes continuously supporting offshore

The pipes made by NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION are being used at the section supporting leg part of the jack-up rig in equipment to extract fossil fuels including petroleum and gas deposited under the sea-bed. This section is composed of critical safety parts to continuously support rigs for a long period and requires high quality and reliability.


Heat exchangers

are key to the efficiency of the steam and water cycle.

Each configuration provides a cost-effective balance between enhancing performance while maintaining reliability levels, and addressing the plant's requirements, operating objectives, and environmental constraints.

GE's expertise in thermal power plants is reflected in our installed base of more than 450 GW with equipment rated up to 1,750 MW electrical output.